Cobalt Lend Tokenomics

Complete Breakdown Of The Cobalt Tokens

Staking, Lending, & Farming with community values at its’ core!

The Token Swap Is Happening From ERC20 To BEP20


Do to the rising gas fees and expense associated with the main Ethereum chain, Cobalt has decided to create a new BEP20 token on BSC and swap the remaining 6% of the original ERC20 supply out at a 10 to 1 ratio. Current ERC20 token holders will have 90 days starting January 1st 2022 to swap out their tokens for BEP20 tokens through


We have created 100 Million BEP20 Cobalt tokens and we are currently selling 2% (2 Million) of the supply on our partner exchange the link to our
EIDO can be found here.
The contract address for our BEP20 Cobalt token is:
Click here for link to Binance Scan

Utility / Use Case For Cobalt

The Cobalt token will be the main driving force of the entire protocol.

Inclusion To Ecosystem

The ability to access the ecosystem and its entirety. Payment mechanism for any platform within our ecosystem


The ability to vote on projects we build or to have Cobalt contribute to your project somehow

Payment Mechanism

Payment mechanism for any platform within our ecosystem, respectfully our various NFT platforms like


Cobalt tokens can be staked on: NULS SCO Platform
Nerve DEX With Nabox
Coming Soon NinjaSwap


Coming Soon To NinjaSwap

Cross Chain Trading

Cobalt Can Be Traded Cross Chain Through Nabox & Nerve
Coming Soon NinjaSwap wil allow for ERC20 to BEP20

Token Trackers Exchanges

Track our progress with popular token scanners.

Trade CBLT / nCBLT cross chain with the NERVE DEX
Our 2nd cross chain pairing is under way right now on the Binance Smart Chain.

Total Supply

CBLT is an ERC20 on the Ethereum Blockchain with a total supply of 964,584,000
nCBLT is an NRC20 on the NULS Blockchain with a total supply of 964,584,000
Cobalt has formed a partnership with NULS in order to provide their customers with the ability to stake within their ecosystem and receive a token (nCBLT) that can be swapped out 1:1 for the native Cobalt token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain.
Cobalt has now made a 3rd token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with 100 Million max supply. The BEP20 Cobalt token will replace the ERC20 Cobalt token starting January 2022 with a 10 to 1 swap. Meaning you will swap 10 ERC20 tokens for 1 BSC token effectively reducing the supply by approximately 90%

Binance Scan

Contract Address On BSC

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