Cobalt Token Swap Starts January 1st, 2020

Swap from ERC20

We are completing the conversion now. follow  the steps below and fill out the form

Swap to BEP20

Because of the reduction in supply, for every 10 ERC20 tokens you will receive 1 BEP20 token back

Step One

Set up compatible Binance wallet or add RPC to Metamask (Click Here), then add contract address for BEP20 Cobalt Tokens

Step Two

Send your ERC20 Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens to the address listed below, making sure to record the TX HASH

Step Three

Fill out the form below COMPLETELY after you have sent the ERC20 Cobalt Tokens to the official wallet. Your particular claim will be processed and the correct amount of BEP20 Cobalt tokens will air dropped to you by April 10th 2022!

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

Token swap only open for 90 days from January 1st 2022 to April 1st 2022

Cobalt will NOT be responsible for any lost tokens or “overages” sent to us. If all parameters are not met with the designated time frame – NO token will be air dropped in that particular case. Cobalt reserves the right to deny any swap we feel is violating community standards.

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