Cobalt Launch Pad

Build Out Your Own Project With the NULS SCO Platform

Introducing the Cobalt Launch Pad, one ecosystem for everything you need to help get your idea or project to the finish line!


Need help funding or building out your blockchain project? Are you a social media promoter who would like to monetize your content? Maybe you would like to create your own token, NFT or both. Contact us, because we can help you with all the above.

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What We Can Offer

Vital resources, guidance and connections can be the difference between an “idea” and a “project coming to fruition”.
Cobalt Lend

Fin-Tech Development Team

Guidance & Resouces


Open Source Blockchain

Development of Smart Contracts, DAPPS, and other Blockchain solutions.
Funding though SCO Platform


Mobile WEB3 Wallet

Cross Chain Swapping


Decentralized Exchange

Trading & Token Market Integration

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