Harness the power of DeFi with no-code

Crosschain no-code protocol for building DeFi applications


What is Katalyo DeFi

Smarter, faster and cheaper way to automate operations and build DeFi without writing a single line of code

Build your DeFi unicorn without coding

Build products and features in days instead of months

Iterate and innovate at a super fast pace

Road Map

  • Quarter 4 2021

    Start with development of the multi-node network

    Continuous implementation of new no-code features

    Continuous work on the development of the multi-node Katalyo network

  • Quarter 1 2022

    Full launch of the single-node version of the product

    Continuous development of no-code and data management capabilities
  • Quarter 2 2022

    Launch of multi-node network in public beta

Leadership & Vision Behind The Company

Katalyo DeFi

Katalyo co-founders have over half a century of joint relevant experience in building software solutions for telecommunications and financial services industry.

Data Coming Soon!

Data Coming Soon!

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