Paradox Realm


The Play To Earn game that will change your life!

Character Preview

We have rolled out closed beta/ 2nd stage of the Paradox Realm game on our own server. We have used the code base of GTA 5 from 5M using the R.A.G.E. engine powering Rock Star games to modify their scenes and assets for a base skeleton from the most popular game series. We are building the best P2E game with the Cobalt treasury as the financial backing.

Building W/ The Best

Paradox Realm features many gameplay elements made famous by the Grand Theft Auto games. The Cobalt Lend team has implemented the FiveM & CFX code in order to build upon supplied assets made popular by GTA5 & Rockstar games.

Graphic Gameplay

This was done to be in a position to implement universally beloved and popular features: car theft and carrying multiple weapons at once are some of the most prominent features built upon.

Realistic Gameplay

Players may use any means necessary to fight their enemies, including, but not limited to, guns and explosives.

Powered by Cobalt Lend, Paradox Realm features the most advanced P2E system yet devised. In-game progress will allow players to make in-game purchases that forward their cause, and as they forward that cause and earn tangible tokens and assets, they will have the opportunity to transform these into real-life assets.

Paradox Realm P2E

How To Play

Registration Steps

STEP 1: Buy NFT(s)

STEP 2: Register NFT collection at

  1. a)   Register phantom wallet holding Paradox Realm NFTs
  2. b)   Register Metamask wallet for use of currency in AND out of game (NOTE: complete directions for installing wallets, RPCs & token addresses will be available on
  3. c)     Select available username
  4. d)   Register email address for game key

STEP 3: Prompt to buy in-game currency with Metamask

STEP 4: Join Discord (this completes the connection)

STEP 5: Download and install the game