Stake your NULS Toknes on the POCM Platform and earn Cobalts' NEW nCBLT Token

How To Stake NULS Tokens and Earn nCBLT Tokens on the POCM Platform

Below you will find  tutorials on what exactly POCM is and how to participate along with setting up a wallet
on the NULS platform for your nCBLT rewards

What is POCM?

Cobalt Lend has forged a partnership with NUlS in order to provide a LOCKED liquidity platform for staking within their ecosystem.
Duration time of 4 years.

How to participate

This video tutorial shows you how to:
1) Pick a Project to Stake with
2) Set up a wallet on NULS
3) Stake to that Project

After you set -up your wallet on the NULS platform – Register it here for additional future rewards with Cobalt Lend as an added bonus for participating in both ecosystems