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When submitting your application to the community / Foundation, please be as detailed as possible in order to ensure the accuracy of the decision making process. Please ensure that all links and data on the internet linked to your application are deemed¬† “safe and clean” free of any viruses or malicious content of any kind.

Cobalt Lending Services Protocol

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

Please feel free to contact us prior to submitting an application for assistance in any aspect of your proposal in order to ensure the highest level of success in funding your project.

The first step of the process will be to compete this form as thoroughly as possible paying close attention to all the links to your data that you have posted on the internet for the Foundation to view in connection to your application.

The second step of the process will come once the Foundation has reviewed the data that the applicant (borrower) has in “good faith” submitted. A representative from the Foundation will contact you to initiate the next step to securing your funding.

only qualified rep(s) from the company or project will be accepted to submit doc(s)
What does your business do? What industry is it in?
Contact number of representative completing form, in case we have questions about your application
Contact telephone number for business applying for loan
Can NOT be a P.O. BOX
Select how long your project has been a registered business with any government entity
Collateral is cash assets & crypto currency & property
ERC20 Address that you will also be paying proposal fees with
If this data is public along with A.O.I
This is any civil or criminal action in any country across the world
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