Cobalt Lend The First Metaverse Bank

Bridging the gap between blockchain and institutional lending.

Trade on an audited DEX

We developed our own DEX

We partnered with in order to provide locked liquidity and trading of the Cobalt token on BSC. This also provides a secure and audited platform for partners to launch their tokens for secure trading.

Token Presales

Never miss the next big token with our EIDO.

Ninja EIDO will provide a safe and secure USER INTERFACE on Ninja Swap
App for new protocols to pre launch sale and IDO/IFO/AMO/ATO launch.

Institutional Lending

Partner of ecosystem building the MetaBank

XBorder Remittance

Transferring assets in seconds at minimal fees is reality

Tracking & Analytics

Custom analytics tracking & monetized for the end user

Cross Chain

We have working products on Ethereum, Solana, & BSC


LIVE Metaverse entertainment venue with ADD revenue model

Web3 Made Easy

Custom built lending contracts spanning multiple chains

Paradox Realm

Introducing The Cobalt Gaming Sector That Monetizes The Players Time, NOT The Game!

Play our entire library of games that is based off the open source version of the classic Rockstar Games catalog starting with GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption, with many more games to come! The best part is your player account travels from game to game and you loose NOTHING!

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