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Frequently Asked Questions

Our developers are working hard right now to ensure that we stay on track with the road map and have a projected launch date of Summer 2021. In the meantime Cobalt Lend will operate on the Ethereum blockchain with supporting Dapps.

Right now we suggest that you use an Ethereum based wallet like Metamask or MyEtherwallet for ERC20 Tokens. These wallets will support Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens until the official wallet is released on this website. PLEASE check back!

The official mobile wallet for Cobalt Lend is the MetaMask mobile wallet which can be downloaded here. The MetaMask wallet app extension supports IOS, Andriod and Firefox desktop browser extension. This is a third party application and carries such risk.

If you are using MetaMask and / please see video below from our pal Bitcoin for Beginners

How to use MetaMask &

Please see the Token Sale Page. The Dex is on track to launch before the end of 2020. There is also a planned Earn-Drop for 4th quarter 2020.

Right now we are only excepting pre-applications for the roles of Staker / Validators through our “Contact Us” page. A strong working knowledge of Linux based servers is reuired.

Although you do need to own Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens in order to participate in the ecosystem, you do not have to purchase them. There is already a planned Earn-Drop for 4th Quarter 2020, Please check the Earn-Drop page for more details.

That exact criteria will be laid out very soon on this site, so please check back. In the mean time click the “Get Loan” button at the bottom of the page.

250 million of the 1 Billion Total Supply of Cobalt Tokens are reserved for the Token Sale and Earn-Drop with another 200 million reserved for liquidity on the (3) main DEX’s at launch. The rest of the token supply is controlled by the Treasury and Foundation with the majority being locked until the Cobalt community vote unlocks them.

The Cobalt (CBLT) Token is an ERC20 Token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and can not collect transaction fees for writing to the blockchain as Ethereum already collects these fees in the form of “gas fees”. When Cobalt Lend migrates to its’ own native blockchain, it will be able to institute a similar but capped fee structure to Ethereum which will ultimately support the treasury and community. This will incentivize wallet holders to accumulate more and more Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens to use for fees in writing to the blockchain executing contracts as well as fees for voting and submitting proposals

After the “Token Sale” Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens will be available for trading on multiple DEX’s and exchanges. Such as: Uniswap, Mooniswap, and Bancor. look for the addition of a “Mobile DEX / Wallet” Dapp coming soon.

Initially after the launch of the Token Sale, the Cobalt treasury and the Cobalt Foundation will each allocate 5% of their reserves towards stake pool distribution. This is approximately 10% of the total supply (100M Tokens) at a current value of $8.4M USD. More will be allocated as needed. Although the smart contracts for the liquidity pools have been created and executed, they have very little funding and will remain in that state until after the Token Sale to ensure no bad actors can trade against the Token Sale. Immediately following the close of the Token Sale, the Cobalt Lend Protocol will fund all necessary liquidity pools.

These wallet addresses belong to the Cobalt Lend Treasury, Foundation & Founders for various projects:

Wallet Addresses

1st wallet Cobalt Main Treasury wallet 214,999,998

Public Address


2nd wallet Treasury (Each Treasury address funded with 35,416,000 CBLT Tokens / Total of 424,992,000 / 9-22-20)

3rd wallet Treasury

4th wallet Treasury

5th wallet Treasury

6th wallet Treasury

7th wallet Treasury

8th wallet Treasury

9th wallet Treasury

10th wallet Treasury

11th wallet Treasury

12th wallet Treasury

13th wallet Treasury

14th wallet Foundation 56M Tokens

16th wallet Foundation 56M Tokens

17th wallet Foundation 56M Tokens

18th wallet Foundation 56M Tokens

19th wallet Airdrop 12.5M Tokens

20th wallet Airdrop 12,499,998 Tokens

21st wallet Airdrop 25M Tokens

22nd wallet Airdrop 3,008,007 Tokens

23rd wallet TokeSale 2,499,995 Tokens

24th wallet TokeSale 2.5M Tokens

25th wallet TokeSale 2.5M Tokens

26th wallet TokeSale 2.5M Tokens

27th wallet TokeSale 2.5M Tokens

28th wallet TokeSale 2.5M Tokens

29th wallet TokeSale 2.5M Tokens

30th wallet TokeSale 2.5M Tokens

Founders wallets (M) 1M Tokens each – LOCKED Until Nov 1, 2021

Founder wallet (A) 1M Tokens

Original Foundation Wallet ~60.7M



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