Community Voting

Loan Proposals & C.I.P.s Cobalt Improvement Proposals

The Cobalt Dashboard Links All Ecosystems Together

Community member (registered user / wallet holder) undergoes ID & Credit verification, then submits the necessary documents for a loan to the Cobalt Lend Foundation for review- otherwise known as "submitting a proposal". There is a fee for submitting a proposal that is determined by community vote and adjusted accordingly. (Current Cost: 1 CBLT or 1 nCBLT)

Submitting A C.I.P.
Community members can submit proposals inside the mobile dashboard for changes or updates to the Cobalt Lend protocol for FREE at any time & are highly encouraged to be active in the community to ensure decentralization!

The Cobalt lend Foundation Works With The Borrower

Foundation Submits Proposal To Community

The Cobalt lend Foundation receives and vets the proposal for community vote ensuring all documents are correct and accurate meeting "Community Standards" set forth by The Cobalt Lend Foundation & Community. If the proposal meets all prerequisites, then it is put up for community vote through the user portal dashboard and the Foundation supplies the borrower with a smart contract address for any needed collateral to be locked in until loan is fulfilled or proposal is denied by community vote. If the proposal is NOT for a loan, the foundation automatically pushes it to the mobile dashboard for a community vote.

Voting on the blockchain should be simple

Cobalt Improvement Proposals


NON-Loan proposals are available inside the user dashboard for (7) days or longer for the community to vote on.

Loan Proposals

The Community Decides

The proposal is now available for voting by the community inside the user dashboard for (5) days. The community has the option to fund or deny the proposal. The cost to vote on a proposal is (1) Cobalt (CBLT or nCBLT) Token - this to is determined by community vote. All community member's who vote on proposals will be entitled to interest earned from positive performance / interest earned from the proposal voted on. This mechanism ensures that both parties (yes & no) vote equally to protect the treasury.

Funding is Approved

Borrower Gets His Funds

If funding is approved for the borrower and the they sign the terms of loan, funds are dispersed from the treasury to the borrowers' wallet. The borrower then repays loan over time as per "terms of the agreement" previously signed with interest and ultimately unlocks the collateral when the term of loan is fulfilled. Any NON-Loan proposals that are voted "APPROVED" by the community will be carried out by the Cobalt Lend foundation

Keeping the ecosystem going!

Changing Finances Forever

Assuming the borrower repays the loan, the interest is ultimately divided between the treasury and the original wallet addresses that voted on the proposal, thus sustaining the model and encouraging future participation in the ecosystem.

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