Introducing The Cobalt Lend Software Suite
Processing Credit Cards & Crypto-Currency Transactions
Together In The Same FREE Mobile Dapp

Now that your businesses is set up with the free mobile software suite, you now accept crypto currency as payment alongside credit cards. The customer just needs to have a mobile wallet and one of the merchants accepted currencies, commerce can take place as usual.

Cobalt Lend implements a layer (2) solution in conjunction with our proprietary software application in order to process credit cards and crypto transactions seamlessly in the background in a time efficient manner to accommodate day to day transactions that businesses and individuals alike can rely on.

Payment is settled within seconds no matter which accepted crypto currency the customer is paying with. This allows the business to continue with the flow of normal operation, opposed to waiting for in some cases “hours” for a transaction to have enough confirmations to confirm a payment. More types of payments accepts by merchants at a faster pace is good for everyone!

Cobalt lend will be releasing a physical debit card that offers “cash back” rewards to compliment the virtual card inside the mobile wallet. The Cobalt Lend Foundation is in current negotiations to have our physical debit card “chipped” and approved for master card and visa terminals through third party providers.

The Open Beta for the Cobalt lend Software Suite is scheduled to launch Fall 2021. Register for an account with Cobalt Lend to receive updates on the software suite and debit card – click here.

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