Staking within the Cobalt Ecosystem

Passive income made EASY!
We will pick random winners to to receive air drops of BTC / ETH / NULS Make sure to register your wallets below!
All future staking rewards will be paid out in nCBLT tokens, so make sure to register your NULS wallet below!

Simple Staking on our platform

Stake your CBLT & nCBLT Tokens here

1st Step: Set up a User-Account with & activate your crypto wallets

2nd Step: Register the wallet holding yout tokens using the form below (Register any ERC20 or NRC20 compatible wallet that is currently holding your CBLT or nCBLT Tokens using the form below and let your Tokens sit idle for the duration of time you would like to stake).

To earn REWARDS: Register your Bitcoin, Ethereum, & NULS wallet below – This is how your monthly Rewards & Bonuses will be paid out!

NOTE: You do NOT have to move your Cobalt Tokens to the Cobalt Wallet you just created in step 1

Your done sit back and enjoy the rewards!

(Staking wallet balances are checked periodically / within 7 days)

In order to receive staking rewards you must let your Cobalt Tokens set idle, not moving from the registered wallet. If they move from their registered wallet, you will not be paid your staking rewards from that month forward. You will need to re-register in order to Stake again.

The “Current” community voted interest rate for “Stakers” is 5% paid out monthly. This is subject to change by community vote and will be updated here on this page & within the terms and conditions on our privacy page.

Cobalt Bridging The Blockchain Ecosystem With Our Newest Partnership 

Earn nCBLT Tokens on the NULS Platform

What Is POCM

POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) is an SCO Platform that allows projects to use smart-contracts to issue and distribute project tokens on blockchains. Got NULS? Stake into a project’s nodes and earn their token as reward, while the project earns NULS as reward. Projects can use the NULS consensus rewards to bootstrap and help fund development. Unlike IEOs and ICOs, stakers never risk their principal, and NULS never leave their wallet. Earn project tokens while your device is off! As a universal SCO Platform, POCM can be used to issue and distribute tokens and assets from any public chain in any blockchain ecosystem.

Click the button below for a Step-By-Step tutorial on “How To Earn nCBLT Tokens by Staking NULS Tokens on their platform

Simple Cobalt (CBLT & nCBLT)
Staking Form

ERC20 wallet containing your CBLT Tokens (Cobalt Tokens on Ethereum Blockchain)
NRC20 wallet containing your nCBLT Tokens (NULS Wallet Address)
BTC Address you would like to receive staking rewards to
Ethereum Wallet Address you would like to receive staking rewards to
NULS Wallet Address you would like to receive staking rewards to

If you need to set up a NULS wallet to receive rewards – click the button below

Percentge of CBLT from IEO Staked
Amount of CBLT in circulation
Percentage of Staking Rewards Paid Out
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