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Job 420-A

Cobalt Lend is in need of Java developers and infrastructure engineers to work directly with our university program and students

Job 910-AN

NULS is in need of C++ coders in order to build out a wallet / token compatibility project

Job 152-AB5

Sonergy is looking to expand their remote team and is in search of Solidity coders to help build out their data monetization platform

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Job 220-A1A

Social Media Promoter

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Cobalt Production Team

Experience with Video Production & Editing
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Build out your own project on the NULS SCO platform. Contact us to find out more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contributing to open source will help you get the much needed experience and “repositories” needed to land that sought after job. After quickly reading your resume, employers will want to find you online, and they will want to see your code. GitLab and GitHub profiles are the new resumes

Each project will display how the job is compensated. Example: We have 3 categories of compensation:

1) Paid (You will be paid in “cashable” tokens such as Bitcoin. Ethereum or another currency that can be traded readily on the open market for your desired form of payment)
2) Voluntary (Completely free uncompensated labor – doing this strictly for the experience)
3) Paid in token (Profit sharing)

Simply apply below and tell us why you think you may be a good fit for one or more of the projects listed above

Simply apply below and tell us why you think you may be a good fit for one or more of the projects listed above

Apply With Us!

Where do you currently live
Name of your current employer
How will you work and communicate with the DEV department
Paste in resume here
(IE: Any Microsoft or IT Certifications)
Most up to date link is all that is needed
Paste links to working (Repos or data on internet)
Description of you role and duties with the project listed above
Keep it brief, no need to tell us you whole life. You have the chance to prove it!
EXAMPLE: Can you build & Maintain Virtual Instances?
This includes server distros
Coding or programming languages you know - Check all that apply
Please be specific and give details
Anything you think we should know about you
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