Borrowing & Lending
Cobalt Powered By NULS

Borrowing Made Easy

Cobalt community members will be able to borrow nCBLT Tokens from the NULS platform that are pegged 1:1 to native ERC20 CBLT Tokens right from their user dashboard. They can then trade these tokens inside their user dashboard for a variety of assets including Bitcoin & Ethereum. At the end of the loan the borrower repays nCBLT bought through dashboard or off open market. The protocol for credit & ID verification are being built out now to allow under collateralized loans on a multi-year repayment basis.

Lending By Anyone

Build out of the lending platform and implementation of “complete cross-chain swaps” inside the user dashboard will allow for community members to contribute their excess capital from their mobile wallet to the Cobalt Lend treasury in order to participate in “lending &  interest earned” from the positive performance of the proposals.

A Sustainable Ecosystem

This model is completely governed by the community, both “borrowing & Lending” generate fees that contribute the overall revenue model of Cobalt Lend & ultimately redistributed back into the community.

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