IEO Participant Bonus & Staking

Any questions or issues pertaining to staking or bonuses use button below

1st Step: After the IEO move your CBLT Tokens from the BeeEx exchange to any compatible ERC20 wallet and let sit idle for the duration of time you would like to stake (Staking balances are check periodically and paid every 30 days)

2nd Step: Register yourCobalt (CBLT) Token Wallet using the form below

Your done, sit back and enjoy the rewards!

In order to receive staking rewards you must let CBLT Tokens set idle, not moving from the registered wallet. If they move from their registered wallet you will not be paid your staking rewards from that month forward

Cobalt Lend 1st Opportunity To Stake Your Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens

All Participants Of The IEO Will Receive The Following Bonuses For Staking
Anyone who purchases Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens during the IEO will receive an automatic 5% of their purchase amount as a bonus to be airdropped one week after the close of the IEO sale / trading on (To receive the bonus, you must register your CBLT wallet address below immediately following close of IEO)
All IEO participants who register their new ERC20 CBLT wallet address with and continue to hold / Stake their CBLT Tokens for 30 days will receive an additional 7.5% (Paid out after snapshot of blockchain shows no movement of CBLT for 30 days – 7.5% reward for 1st 30 days stake only!)
All IEO participants who register their new ERC20 CBLT wallet address with and continue to hold / Stake their CBLT Tokens for 60 days will receive another 5% of their original purchase from IEO after the 60 day point of close of trading on
The Cobalt Lend Treasury will continue to pay out an additional 5% every month thereafter (For 6 additional months) to all IEO participants who continue to Stake their CBLT Tokens
To Be Eligible:
Once register your wallet or you receive your Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens from the IEO, set up your new wallet and register it with, these terms are applicable to all. Your staking percentage will be based on the amount of CBLT that is NOT moved from your wallet month to month. Each month a new snapshot of the blockchain will be taken to determine the amount of CBLT still present in original wallet in order to determine percentages to pay out for “Staking”. Any portion of CBLT Tokens moved from the users original wallet received during the IEO or originally registered wallet will NOT be eligible for staking.
Percentge of CBLT from IEO Staked
Amount of CBLT in circulation
Percentage of Staking Rewards Paid Out
ERC20 wallet you moved your CBLT to, from the BeeEx exchange.
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