Basic Decentralized Finance

Decentralized lending is what this platform is all about.

Community approved lending is the key to decentralization.

The community will vote on all proposed projects by borrowers and directly profit from funding people within their own community.

Borrowers earn Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens for participating in the protocol, therefor providing extra incentive for the entire ecosystem while stimulating growth of the protocol.

This will increase the value of the Cobalt (CBLT) Token and in direct correlation will bring new users into the ecosystem, therefor increasing the value of the over all protocol

Cobalt Lend Ecosystem Overview

Cross ANY Ecosystem!

Cobalt Crossing Ecosystems

Cobalt has created a 1:1 pairing of the CBLT token on the NULs platform for staking within that ecosystem in preparation for the lending protocol build out. 5% on both chains have been reserved for staking to secure & fund the new network build out. Future implementation will allow for community members to “Stake” one asset to multiple platforms, this is the first of many in that process.

Transparent Revenue Model

The "Revenue Model" is completely open to the community and adjusted by community vote at any time.

Borrowing & Lending

All from your mobile phone!

Role of the Borrower (Wallet Holder)

  1. Borrower (Community Member) submits a proposal to the community for loan consideration.
  2. Borrower (Community Member) completes ID / credit verify & is scored for collateral.
  3. The Borrower locks collateral in smart contract while borrowing funds.
  4. The Foundation submits the loan proposal to the community through the Cobalt Dashboard for review by the community for 7 days (Community Votes: Fund or Deny) if approved: funds disbursed to borrower / if loan denied -collateral is unlocked.
  5. Borrower repays loan with interest, then unlocks collateral / Defaults on loan – forfeits collateral.
  6. Interest on loan goes to treasury / Ultimately redistributed into community (Dividends)

Community Lending to The Cobalt Treasury

Role of the Lender (Wallet Holder)

  1. Community Member logs into user dashboard and selects the desired asset to commit to the Cobalt Treasury.
  2. Community Member (Lender) also selects the type of asset rewards they want to receive as “rewards” for lending assets to the Cobalt Treasury.
  3. Lender locks funds with Cobalt treasury for specified period of time.
  4. After the lock period expires the lender receives their original assets back & selected rewards

*Rate of rewards will initially be set by the Cobalt Foundation & ultimately adjusted by community vote

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