A Platform that HELPS people BUILD!

Cobalt Lend has 2 main objectives:
1) Consulting & Building cryptographic projects across multiple chains
2) Create a decentralized treasury governed by community vote also allowing for DID’s and credit reporting on the blockchain.

Phase 1 Staking on Ethereum & NULS blockchain launched.
Phase 2 underway – building out of the voting & lending protocol across multiple chains

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence in order to bring “Credit” to the blockchain!

Projects Launching

The Cobalt Lend Platform Build Across All Chains

Cobalt Lend consults and helps get crypto projects to market with a variety of resources and connections with the crypto-verse. We build across all chains because we have the largest teams with the most experience!

Projects Launching this month

Paradox Realm

NFT game minting on Solana DEC. 1st

Mother Earth Collection

Photography NFT collection launching on Solana DEC. 15th with a portion of the proceeds devoted to charity


Music streaming platform launching its token offering DEC. 8th on BSC platform


The NULS ecosystem is launching an SCO token / stoken coin back by OXYPAY that will be paired to a BSC token

Cobalt Lend has partnered with Ninja Swap to offer a limited sale on the new Cobalt BSC token, before the official swap in January of 2022.  Current ERC20 token holders will be swapped out with Cobalt BSC tokens to remove the current ERC20 Cobalt token from circulation. The conversion rate will be: 10 ERC20 Cobalt tokens to be swapped for 1 BSC Cobalt token. See tokenomics page here
Click here to join the EIDO

Ninja Swap is our partner who provides exclusive and tailored services such as EIDO, Trading, Staking, and Farming. The best part of Ninja Swap is the vetting process for all projects along with the locked liquidity in contract to ensure “Safe Trading” on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Cobalt has partnered with with Bounce.finance in order to offer a Public Sale Fixed Swap Pool on a completely decentralized platform

Cobalt has partnered with with Bounce.finance in order to offer a Public Sale Fixed Swap Pool on a completely decentralized platform

The Cobalt Ecosystem

An open source platform for developers to build a better tomorrow together!

Download Wallet

Two Wallet Options: https://wallet.nuls.io/ Use button below for Nabox Mobile Wallet

Stake NULS To Earn Cobalt

You can stake your NULS tokens safely from your own wallet and earn CBLT tokens with no lock up!

Trade CBLT / nCBLT

You can trade Cobalt (CBLT) tokens across multiple blockchains on the NERVE DEX along with many others!

NFT Market Place

We now have the ultimate NFT marketplace build on the NULS blockchain with the lowest gas fees

Become A Verified Creator

We can help you become a verified artist and digitize your collection in order to start selling NFTs'

Cobalt Launch Pad

Whether you need help building your own project or you want to contribute to Cobalt

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