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POCM Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is growing!
These are our partners within the crypto community who are working hard to develop trusted and secure blockchain solutions along side Cobalt Lend.


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Guest speakers at the future of aviation & blockchain conferences being help this month.

Peet DeFi

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The PTE Token is listed on CoinMarketCap.com and is now being traded on HotBit.


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An NFT platform that focuses exclusively on the artist and the quality of their work.

Far Swap

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Currently building out their own infrastructure to facilitate Automated Market Makers (AMMs) along with their own decentralized exchange (DEX) all driven by community vote and community rewards.

Token Republic

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Token Republic is  launching their first NFT with the TRG Token being offered as the bonus reward.

GG Dap

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Where gaming and NFTs collide and start producing profit for the end user. Freedom in gaming is the standard now for the user experience and monetization is facilitated by the blockchain.


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Sonergy is need of open source back end developers (Specializing in solidity) willing to dedicate some volunteer time to their project. inquire at: admin@sonergy.io


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Computerized system that tracks, documents, and otherwise interacts with manufacturing processes. The goal is to use blockchain to improve the manufacturing experience from raw material to finished product.


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Platform where blockchain-based social knowledge-sharing network. Vibook connects readers, critics, authors, academics, and service providers, that unifies all users by focusing on information.

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