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Cobalt Lend has 2 main objectives:
1) Provide an open source platform for developers to create all kinds of blockchain applications including NFT art.
2) Create a decentralized treasury governed by community vote also allowing for DID’s and credit reporting on the blockchain.

CBLT/ nCBLT Pairing The TRUE Governance Token(s)!

Phase 1 Staking on Ethereum & NULS blockchain launched.
Phase 2 underway – building out of the voting & lending protocol across multiple chains

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence in order to bring “Credit” to the blockchain!

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Are you are building in the crypto space & would like to collaborate with us or do you need help getting your project started, contact us!

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The Cobalt Ecosystem

An open source platform for developers to build a better tomorrow together!

Download Wallet

Two Wallet Options: https://wallet.nuls.io/ Use button below for Nabox Mobile Wallet

Stake NULS To Earn Cobalt

You can stake your NULS tokens safely from your own wallet and earn CBLT tokens with no lock up!

Trade CBLT / nCBLT

You can trade Cobalt (CBLT) tokens across multiple blockchains on the NERVE DEX along with many others!

NFT Market Place

We now have the ultimate NFT marketplace build on the NULS blockchain with the lowest gas fees

Become A Verified Creator

We can help you become a verified artist and digitize your collection in order to start selling NFTs'

Cobalt Launch Pad

Whether you need help building your own project or you want to contribute to Cobalt

SCO Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is growing!
These are our partners within the crypto community who are working hard to develop trusted and secure blockchain solutions along side Cobalt Lend.


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Earhart is a powered Blockchain solution that reinvents the aeronautical records and traceability with enhanced record keeping that will turn possible real time airworthiness follow-up.


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BonFi is a multilayered open finance liquidity mining service platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a professional cryptocurrency liquidity mining solution.


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An NFT platform that focuses exclusively on the artist and the quality of their work.

Far Swap

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Currently building out their own infrastructure to facilitate Automated Market Makers (AMMs) along with their own decentralized exchange (DEX) all driven by community vote and community rewards.

Token Republic

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Token Republic is  launching their first NFT with the TRG Token being offered as the bonus reward.

GG Dap

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Where gaming and NFTs collide and start producing profit for the end user. Freedom in gaming is the standard now for the user experience and monetization is facilitated by the blockchain.


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Sonergy is need of open source back end developers (Specializing in solidity) willing to dedicate some volunteer time to their project. inquire at: admin@sonergy.io


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Computerized system that tracks, documents, and otherwise interacts with manufacturing processes. The goal is to use blockchain to improve the manufacturing experience from raw material to finished product.


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Platform where blockchain-based social knowledge-sharing network. Vibook connects readers, critics, authors, academics, and service providers, that unifies all users by focusing on information.


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Nabox supports multiple blockchain networks. You can quickly transfer assets to different networks through the cross-chain function of Nabox, and participate in the applications of each network.


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Katalyo is a no-code cross chain protocol for building blockchain powered applications without writing a single line of code

Crypto Bank

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Cryptocurrency payment solution in Africa designed to modernize the payments industry and solve the problems of traditional payment methods by offering instant tx crypto-to-cash settlements.


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The Peet platform will serve as a bridge between both blockchains and exchanges. PTE holders will be able to use the Peet platform, and purchase BTC on Binance (or any desired exchange) through the use of US Dollars.

Ninja Swap

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NinjaSwap is a dex that enables swapping, farming, and staking for BEP-20 tokens. its AMM follows the tradition of Uniswap. But it gets its speed and aordable transaction fee from Binance Smart Chain.

NFD Token is a governance token of the Non-Fungible Defi project. The token will be used to gain full access to all Non-Fungible Defi products. Owners of this token will earn for utilizing it on the DeFi product especially through staking, farming and gaming platform.


Coming Soon!

Information Coming Soon!

Gifted Hands

Coming Soon!

We offer solution to constant issues in payment to our freelancers developers. (GHD) Will enable us to speed up payment process. Important Productivity and get everyone involved success.

Live NFT

Coming Soon!

LiveNFTToken(LIVENFT) is aimed to build the world biggest decentrazied NFT marketplace to celebrate the Art and Artist across the globe


Coming Soon!

8bit offers a unique product in the form of an NFT collection of delightful cards with heroes of 8bit games. We are creating an ecosystem for connoisseurs of art by offering a purchase for an exclusive token


Coming Soon!

JDI Yield is a smart portal built to increase convenience and security for BSC yield farmers. Users can freely stake and/or unstake their funds regardless of the accessibility to their favorite yield farming websites.


Coming Soon!

Smaugs NFT is a marketplace where you can sell all of its assets in the digital world. Smaugs marketplace is working on the Binance Smart Chain and completely decentralized.


Coming Soon!

CloudCoin Finance creates a decentralized finance ecosystem using the power of CloudCoin, RAIDA technology, and Binance Smart Chain


Coming Soon!

Nydronia is a token built on the BSC, its main purpose is to encourage the use of blockchain networks in companies, stores or institutions.


Coming Soon!

We are developing a platform for Filipinos to buy and sell NFTs. A first in the Philippine market, Pinoys and anybody can now appreciate, showcase, and trade digital work of arts!


Coming Soon!

Texochat is a blockchain based crypto messaging platform. While communicating users can transact, swap, and earn reward within a app. Texochat app will be supported by Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Texo (TXO) – Utility Token for Texochat Ecosystem


Coming Soon!

RiveX is a chain agnostic interoperable solution across different blockchain protocols. RiveX has comprehensive DeFi solutions such as Sonce, the NFT minting platform which aims to bring a variety of real world assets to blockchain.

Kesef Finance

Coming Soon!

Kesef Finance, the cross chain DeFi ecosystem. Easiest way to trade, store, send, and earn interest on your crypto in a simple wallet with a debit card. Kesef brings you a suite of tools and services to dive you into the world of DeFi

NFT Circle

Coming Soon!

Complete NFT Market Place on NULS Blockchain. NFTCircle.io offers a new generation of NFT through AR by Toppan Tabitori and visual art under ARTMYN for the art ecosystem.


Coming Soon!

GameX is a decentralized community project founded by gamers around the world aiming to improve the gaming industry, provide gaming-related products of high quality, developing several play-to-earn and in-game NFT, GameX art NFT marketplace, Esports teams and academy, and GameX swap.


Coming Soon!

Blockchain nft social platform & metaverse protocol


Coming Soon!

RYI Platinum is a cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) connector that provides a decentralized Liquidity Tap for various tokens. The Liquidity Tap is the powerhouse of Liquidity Pools, deploying a dynamic algorithm that provides Liquidity Providers with fairer and more efficient incentives overtime.

Premium Block

Coming Soon!

Premium Block is a multi-chain platform that allows users to create a pool and disperse cryptocurrencies within the pool addresses. Premium Block offers built-in features like DEX, gamified staking, farming, flash loan arbitrage, and governance ecosystem.

WELCOME TO GLOBAL COMMUNITY COIN The world’s first truly Community based currency that’s aimed at financially empowering millions of people across the globe, building a Global crypto community through decentralized telecommunications and security software applications (DAPPs)

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