CobaltA new way to borrow!

Borrowing capital faster at cheaper rates with less hassle from a community treasury through your mobile wallet.

Being able to lend your excess capital to other borrowers within the ecosystem in times of surplus, in order to benefit from interest on the loan. All the while receiving Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens for participating in the ecosystem.

Access to Cobalt Lend proprietary software that enables crypto and credit card processing all together through a mobile Dapp – no extra costly hardware needed.

Our focus is small businesses, we aim to bring them together in a blended community in order to facilitate borrowing and lending within the community. This allows the community to benefit from the lending process instead of the banks.

A cryptocurrency empowering small businesses everywhere!

The ecosystem works by allowing borrows to obtain loans from the treasury only if approved by community vote.

Both the buyer and staker /validator benefit from this model of decentralized lending because of less friction, lower fees and lower over head while reducing wait time for loans.

The model is a completely trust-less protocol with no central authority in charge.

Nor is there any one central body who can unfairly manipulate the terms of lending, as the community has complete control at all times and can fund or deny any project they deem worthy.

How we plan to incentivize the community

Borrowers are incentivized by receiving free Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens for borrowing, stakers will be compensated in two ways:
First by verifying blocks / transaction on the blockchain, therefor receiving transaction fees that will be split with the treasury
(And a small portion burned).

Second, stakers will receive dividends paid out in Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens periodically by the treasury based on the positive tracked performance of the projects funded by the community through the treasury.

The treasury will also conduct periodic buy backs of the Cobalt (CBLT) Token as well. This along with the “coin burn” occurring routinely on the protocol, will contribute greatly to the deflationary model and therefor increasing the overall value for investors / wallet holders.

Borrower (Wallet Holder)

Submit proposals to community for collateralized loans (Community Votes: Fund or Deny).

Locks collateral in smart contract while borrowing funds.

Pays fees for execution of smart contract- fees allocated between: treasury, staker / validator, and burner address

Repays loan - unlocks collateral / Defaults on loan – forfeits collateral.

Pays interest on loan that goes to the treasury / Ultimately redistributed into community (Dividends paid out to stakers /validators).

Receives Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens as incentive to borrow whether the loan is repaid or not.

All wallets holders with at least (2) Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens can vote on proposals from the community or the Foundation.

Staker (Wallet Holder/ Validator Node)

Amount of Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens needed to become a staker / validator will vary over time based on community approval / vote (Gradually becoming less and less over time).

All wallet holders can vote on proposals for loans from borrows.

All wallets can vote on proposals from Foundation.

All wallet holders can vote on Foundation seats.

Vote on overall structure of Ecosystem.

Submit proposals to Foundation for vote.

Only staker / validator wallets will receive fees from validating blocks -the majority of the fees will go to the stakers / validators & minority portion goes to treasury & a very small remaining portion each transaction is BURNED.

Receives periodic pay outs (Dividends) from treasury based on performance of treasury lending.

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized lending is what this platform is all about.

Community approved lending is the key to decentralization.

The community will vote on all proposed projects by borrowers and directly profit from funding people within their own community.

Borrowers earn Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens for participating in the protocol, therefor providing extra incentive for the entire ecosystem while stimulating growth of the protocol.

This will increase the value of the Cobalt (CBLT) Token and in direct correlation will bring new users into the ecosystem, therefor increasing the value of the over all protocol.

Social Media

We will be running an aggressive social media campaign later this year that will include an Earn-drop for free Cobalt (CBLT) Tokens as well.

If you would like to participate in the Earn-Drop click here.


We are in the process of setting up a store right now to purchase select SWAGG from us like stickers and T-Shirts in order to help support the project.

We are currently developing a department to help facilitate the growth of our future entrepreneurs with their eCommerce needs.

Help & Support

We will be providing all types of help and support for the projects funded through our platform.

The communities success is all of our success. If you need immediate help click the button below.

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This is a collection of the successful projects we have funded so far.
Please check back for news and updates on these projects.

Please check here for updates on the progress of our proposed projects.

Our Community

We value the input from the community above all else! Feel free to use our “Contact Us” page if you have any suggestions for us.
Future implementation will allow for the foundation and/ or community Stakers and general wallet holders to make suggestions through their wallets to the foundation for the proposal(s) before granting or denying funds, thus increasing borrower success.

"Amazing Protocol and Quality Work!"

Putting the money back into the hands of the people at the same time taking the power away from over-bearing centralized authoritarian banks that stifle innovation in order to line their own pockets. Community success is all that matters!
Cliff Brown
Happy Community Member

Meet Our Past Successful Projects

Changing the world through community powered lending enabled by blockchain technology

(Example scenarios below)

Joanne Weston

Now a small business owner of Joannes' Catering thanks to Cobalt Lend

Mitch Bower

Got a micro-loan for a new street bike in less then a week through Cobalt Lend

Kathy Johston

Got a bridge loan to help support her accounting business through tough times

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The Cobalt (CBLT) Token is now available on Uniswap, Mooniswap and the Bancor DEX